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Sensory Garden


Sensory Garden at San Antonio Botanical Garden 

(formally Garden for the Blind)

Important but not widely known, San Antonio Garden Center’s dedication to creating a Garden for the Blind is the cornerstone of what is today the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

Efforts to establish a Garden for the Blind started as early as 1956 and our action came to fruition in 1967. Through years of hard fundraising work, Garden Center members eventually raised $58,000 towards the project—a tremendous undertaking.

Working with the City of San Antonio to establish it on a plot of city-owned property, a most impressive groundbreaking ceremony took place took place nine years later on July 21, 1976. A mule and plow, guided by two women from the Lighthouse for the Blind, along with then Mayor Pro Tem Al Rhode, plowed a furrow across the one-acre site, located up the hill from the Garden Center. This area was designated as the Garden for the Blind and it was the beginning of the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

Supporting the Garden for the Blind, now known as the Sensory Garden, is still a high priority.  Through the donations of our members and our outreach to the public, we have provided the San Antonio Botanical Garden with funds for Braille plant signage, sculptures, water features and park benches for seating.

We welcome contributions that will provide continue support for new plantings, art, and continued maintenance.

Send donations to:

San Antonio Garden Center
Attn: Gifts and Donations
3310 N. New Braunfels
San Antonio, TX  78209

For more information
(210) 824-9981

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